With the Tangle Matrix Soccer Nightball you can play a futuristic game of soccer any time of the day or night - on the street, in the park, even at the ocean or in the pool because they are totally waterproof and they float!

The more you throw, kick and bounce Tangle Matrix Nightballs the brighter they light up!

Each Tangle Matrix Soccer Nightball comes with two twin LED motion sensor activated light units inside the ball (one blue, one green) that light up upon both impact and movement.

The Tangle Matrix Soccer Night balls are designed to be waterproof so the batteries are sealed and are not replaceable, however because the super bright lights are so tiny and the included batteries are exceptionally long-lasting you'll get months of fun out of your ball.

What people are saying:

"This ball lights up like a flying saucer...it's so bright!"
"With daylight savings time it gets dark so soon after school, this ball gives the grand kids some playing time into dusk"

Ideal for ages 6 and up, and not only for soccer fans. Tangle Matrix Soccer Nightball is great for parties and all sorts of special events, youth groups & fun competitions.

Size of ball is a bit over 16cm in diameter.

  All the cool Tangle Matrix Soccer Nightball Specifications

Barcode # 9320832007437
Brand Tangle Creations
Shipping Weight 0.38kg

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