A plastic drinking straw must be the simplest, most useful, but most UNEXCITING invention ever created, right?

Fortunately for you, we found Strawz - the cool and innovative straw construction set that allows you to create your very own contraption to drink your favourite beverage!

Composed of 36 dishwasher safe components, these construct-it-yourself drinking straws will guarantee that your favourite liquids get into your body exactly how you want them to.

Want to mix Coke with Fanta? Then build your straw to dip into two (or more) cups at once!

Want to share a drink with someone else? Then build an extra drinking branch!

Want to mix your drinks and share? You can do that too!

The possibilities are endless. And hey, if you want to go nuts and really suck, you can buy more than one set and create an enormous system of pipes!!

Includes 20 x Green coloured flexible rubber connectors and 16 x translucent straw pieces.

Barcode # 825883030070
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.300kg

Strawz Reviews

I love these strawz! They are so much fun and are

By: bridget b on 19 November 2008
I love these strawz! They are so much fun and are going to come in very handy on those hot summer days.

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