The force is strong with this plush galactic Star Wars collection!

Forget all those hard, plastic figurines, now you can squeeze your favourite Star Wars characters!

Each character will speak a number of different phrases when pressed, or they will emit their trademark sounds that you know and love. You will receive a Battling Yoda + 3 randomly chosen Star Wars characters.

Please read individual product descriptions below for further information.

What you will receive in this awesome bundle pack:

Star Wars Battling Yoda: Bring home the magic of Star Wars The Force Awakens with this 22cm Yoda plush with glow in the dark light saber! As one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters around, Yoda will attack upon request with a simple press of his palm! Watch him use The Force as he charges into battle, shuffling his little legs and sharing some words of wisdom with 6 memorable phrases!

3 x Star Wars Talking Plush Characters (Chosen at random): We will pick 3 different characters to add to your collection from the following range:

Kylo Ren: Speaks four classic phrases when pressed, including "Don't Fight It You Know You Can't", "Don't be afraid I feel it too", "I've been waiting for this day for a long time" and "I'm immune to the light." He's a hot-headed, radicalised student of the Dark Side!

Darth Vader: Slightly smaller and cuddlier than the Sith Lord we've all come to love, his luring power is still just as strong as ever ƒ?? place him on your desk or shelf and watch as your friends are drawn to him! Decorated with quality glossy black fabric, he emanates the lifelike Darth breathing!

BB-8: As the spiritual successor to R2-D2, this plush version of BB-8 is approximately 20 cm tall, and when pressed, squeezed or hugged emits his trademark beeping and whirring noises! Beep, Beep, Whirrrrr...

Stormtrooper.: This popular Star Wars plush is a re-creation of everyone's favourite soldier. When pressed or hugged, your Stormtrooper will emit one of 4 fantastic phrases! "Drop the weapons, now!", "We're taking you into custody", "Put down your weapons" and "Move out, let's go!"

Please note: If you have particular character preferences, or would like to double up on one particular character, please make a note in your order comments and we'll do our best to fulfill your request based on availability.

  Star Wars Plush Characters Bundle Pack Specifications

SKU PK-3977
Brand CoolThings Australia

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