Do you find your bedroom a little on the dark side?

How would you like to wake up to the infamous Darth Vader breathing down your neck?

The Darth Vader 3D Projection Alarm Clock is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan ƒ?? and everyone's bound to know at least one!

This Star Wars sensation not only gives you the time from its digital interface at the front of the clock, but also projects the time in red light upon your ceiling AND breathes heavily as only Darth Vader can.

Not since Anakin Skywalker allowed himself to be consumed by the dark side (and a whole lot of lava) on the planet Mustafar, has there been such an opportunity for a hot time!

Perfect for the home or office, all you need is 3 AAA batteries (included in this great price) and you can be the envy of all your sci-fi friends.

Just think of how many of the galactic federation wanted Darth Vader's head ƒ?? and you have it sitting on your bedside table!

  Star Wars - Darth Vader 3D Projection Alarm Clock Specifications

Barcode # 5024095214468
Shipping Weight 0.45kg

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