Spies of all ages can catch fugitives on the run with hands-free Night Sight vision!

Protecting your territory has never been so exciting. You can see up to 15 metres in complete darkness with real infrared night vision technology!

To use your Night Sight scope, simply slide the elastic nylon strap over your head and switch on the fun. The infrared technology allows spies to remain invisible and undetectable while seeing in the dark!

Detach it from your head mount and use it in hand-held mode, or hook it on your belt for added mobility during urgent missions.

Long and short range distance options allow you to zero-in on enemies both up close and far away. An indispensable tool for covert operations and a great addition to your Spy Gear arsenal!


- Hands free mounted night vision scope
- Day and night mode
- Adjustable head mount for hands-free action
- Integrated belt clip for added mobility
- Long and short range distance option switch

Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included).
One size fits all (elastic nylon head mount for snug fit).

  Spy Gear - Night Sight Specifications

Barcode # 788668704736
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.60kg

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