The gloomy blue character depicted on this Novelty Necktie is known as "Sniffles"!

Strangely enough, "Sniffles" was inspired by a microscopic image of the Rhinovirus microbe which causes the common cold!

The Giant "Sniffles" Microbe tie was produced as a novel and intriguing gift for those who are fascinated by science, medicine or plain old entertainment!

It's the perfect way to make dad feel stylish and healthy. Billions of people a year catch the cold. Now you can have one too!

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Each sold separately.
Hand made of 100% silk.
Tie is pale blue and covered in "Sniffles"!

  Sniffles Novelty Necktie Specifications

Barcode # 874665005041
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.12kg

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