Wondering how you're going to be able to afford to go to university and do that extra education you thought you'd never do?

Well, start saving today with the School Fund Piggy Bank and you might just get there!

The School Fund Piggy Bank is a perfect way to encourage your friends and family to empty their pockets in support of your tertiary education, and it looks great too!

Carry it around with you, leave it at your front door, or set it up in your room to remind you of your goal, this money box is as stylish and cute as any piggy bank can be.

The School Fund Piggy Bank is 27cm long and 15cm high, and comes with an opening in its belly so you can keep your helpful friend when it's time to pay up for those school fees.

  School Fund Piggy Bank Specifications

Barcode # 9319175378359
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.53kg

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