Complementing the world famous water rocket used in schools and colleges across the globe, your detailed Rokit Experiments Manual contains a range of different activities and projects to help you maximise fun and learning for rampant rocketeers!

There are so many ideas to help you get a bigger blast out of your Rokit as you learn how to make your own wind tunnel, launch ramp, clinometer and heaps, heaps more!

Perfect for teachers or just for fun at home, your Rokit Manual includes 22 photocopy-friendly activity sheets for you to pass around your students to help demonstrate the Laws of Motion. This visual aid is perfect for diagrams, notes, definitions and more!

Some of the tasks include attaching a parachute to slow the descent of your Rokit, designing and attaching wings to make your Rokit glide back to Earth, designing a flotation device that will stabilise your Rokit and cause it to self-right when landing in water!

Your Rokit Manual really does bring science to life as you investigate the effects of wind resistance, streamlining and angles of elevationƒ?Ý There's just so much to learn!

Suitable for use with Rokit.

  Rokit Experiments Manual Specifications

Brand CoolThings Australia
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