The pocket-sized launch-anywhere toy kids have been waiting for!

Flying up to 15 metres, the Pop Rocketz launches soft foam rockets from the attached soft-grip launcher.

You can take this fun-filled pack anywhere and shoot the rockets at anyone! Made from soft foam, the Pop Rocketz are perfect for use both indoors and out and are the perfect stocking filler this Christmas!

There's heaps you can do with the Pop Rocketz. Here are just some ideas for exciting games to play with your friends:
- High Shotz: Go for Max-Attitude! Get a friend to site your flight from a distance.
- Long Shotz: Test your skills with a friend! Who will launch the furthest?
- Hoop Shotz: Cut out a hoop from a paper plate. Hang it on a string and try to make it through!
- Target Shotz: Draw a target on a piece of cardboard and place it 6 metres away! Try to hit it with a long range arc-shot!

Pop Rocketz are easy to use, as long as you're old enough to squeeze you can play! Simply slide the Pop Rocket down onto the launch tube making sure you don't squeeze the air out of the handle when you load. Then point the loaded Launcher up in the air and SQUEEZE! The harder the squeeze, the harder the blast!

Pop Rocketz are simple but oh so fun. Why not give them a try today?

Dimensions: approx.. 19cm long with rocket attached. Individual rocket 9cm.

  Pop Rocketz Specifications

Barcode # 9320832003989
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.08kg

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