Hey rocket scientists! Want to make a cool, bubbling lamp and learn some chemistry in the process?

With this Plasma Reactor kit, you can build a fun, oozing, fizzing lamp inside a cool rocket-ship shaped container.

Using oil, water and carbon dioxide gas from fizzing tablets, a chemical reaction will occur that causes fizzing bubbles.

Place the LED light under your rocket to illuminate the fascinating liquid motion lamp effect from the underside.

There are 3 cool experiments for you to conduct as you learn about chemical reactions, solutions and mixtures!

Tip: You can even mix the various fizzing tablet colours to create whatever colour your like!

Your kit contains:

  • A rocket base stand, rocket base feet and rocket beaker (measuring cup)
  • A rocket nose (funnel), LED light and 5 coloured fizzing tablets
  • Pipette, small measuring cups, a stirring rod and a 16 page full-colour instruction manual

You may also need:

  • A small Phillips head screwdriver and 1 AA battery
  • Inexpensive cooking oil, aluminium foil and scissors (for conducting the first two experiments).
  • Effervescent tablets such as fizzing vitamin or antacid tablets (please note: this is to conduct additional experiments if and when the included fizzing tablets run out).
  • Sugar, a jar of red cabbage juice (made by boiling fresh cabbage) and food colouring (note: these are required for the colour-changing light effect experiment only).
  • Paprika powder, paper towel, sugar, dishwashing liquid and water for creating Alien Plasma Strings for subsequent experimentation.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, for use under adult supervision.


  Plasma Reactor Specifications

Barcode # 814743010857
Brand Thames and Kosmos
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

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