Phlat Ball V3

Phlat Ball V3
Phlat Ball V3 - Flat to PoppedPhlat Ball V3 Packaging
The ball that survives...
  • No matter who sits on it.
  • This ball will survive.. Squash it,
  • Throw it, then watch it transform..
  •
The ball that survives...

Introducing the cool Phlat Ball V3, this is the coolest flying gadget that transforms from a flat 22.86cm flying disc to a 12.24cm diameter ball when thrown.

Its got a unique variable time-delay feature that provides a surprise transformation which adds fun to game play or while just having a catch!

Phlat Ball's flexible and textured surface offers a good grip for active play and it's available in a variety of colours. (chosen at random)


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