Can you help C-3PO fix up R2-D2's dents and dings?

It's not just one problem, the defective android parts are causing his counterpart a whole lot of problems!

His bolts appear to have some rust, so grab your tweezers and help C-3PO fix what's out of whack. Follow the game cards and remove all 12 defective parts without waking R2-D2.

Do your best and he'll bounce right back, but be careful, he'll whistle and bleep if you make a mistake! A great game to test players' hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills!


- 24 game cards
- 12 plastic defective droid parts (rusty restraining bolt, cranky crankshaft, lodged lightsaber and more)
- Galactic credits
- A storage drawer and instructions

1+ players.
Some adult assembly required.
Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included).

  Operation Star Wars R2-D2 Specifications

Barcode # 653569725862
Shipping Weight 0.80kg

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