Even the most die-hard Star Wars fans will find themselves challenged by this entertaining new approach to the details of the Star Wars saga! Containing 2,500 trivia questions and 150 colour photos covering little known facts, entertaining quotes, and tough trivia from all six episodes and Expanded Universe events, you can select questions by number, or at random, and keep score using the innovative electronic "scoring module" right in the book!

You'll be dominating the galaxy in no time as your answer questions related to individuals, places, prequels, sequels and other media manifestations therein! But don't be fooled, the questions are not for the faint-hearted!

What people are saying:

- "The questions range from easy (what colour is Obi-Wan's light saber?) to downright difficult... I wanted to go back and watch the movie again to see what I'd missed!"
- "I wholeheartedly believe this to be the best Star Wars trivia book out, and recommend it for both new Star Wars fans and hardcore fans that know every little nuance of the Star Wars Galaxy."
- "We were all surprised that the trivia questions were so diverse on all aspects of the series. He was even shocked to find that there were some answers he did not know (which I thought impossible)!"

Author: Benjamin Harper
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