My Pet Firefly

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Experience the wonder of owning your own My Pet Firefly!

An amazing recreation of a firefly in a jar, this beautiful bug flits and flies around creating a flickering firefly light effect!

You can experience the joy of having a beautifully bright firefly that never has to be let go! Including 3 AA batteries stowed away in the lid of the jar, your firefly can always be ready for anyone’s amusement!

Available in pink, blue or traditional green, the My Pet Firefly will flicker around the sturdy glass jar with a glowing LED effect and realistic motion! Simply tap the lid of the jar and the firefly will flutter and bounce in a realistic flight pattern that has everyone convinced it’s alive! It even does sporadic movements when you haven’t tapped the jar!

Great for the whole family, this wonderful eye-catching treat is bound to impress!

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 18cm
Each sold separately, make your choice using the drop down menu to the right.

Also available: My Butterfly Collection


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