Mini Monsters in a Tin

Mini Monsters in a Tin
Mini Monsters Making Your Mini MonstersMini Monsters Travel Tin
Make, play and "scare" your friends!
  • 60 monsters, zombies and gouls to create
  • Create a new family of creepy creatures
  • Unleash your frustration like "monsters"
  •
Make, play and "scare" your friends!

Your Mini Monsters in a Tin set contains 60 monsters, zombies and ghouls for you to create!

Now you can make, play and “scare” your friends as you fold and make your mini monsters into a family of creepy creatures! With their cute and quirky design there are plenty to share around without the need to grapple!

And just in case there is a mini monster with a creative streak, there are blank mini monsters to doodle and decorate at will. What a great distraction for kids that fit neatly in a thin, reusable tin for you can carry in your hand bag!

Easy assembled in an instant!
- Tear out each mini monster
- Fold along both dotted lines on the back of each monster
- Bend your monsters arms to make them stand out
- Bend each tail to bring your mini monsters to life and get ready to play
- Draw your own mini monsters on the blank pages, then repeat steps 1- 4

By folding these entertaining paper monsters in half, they will stand up by themselves. What a great way to stop back seat fighting in the car. Just get your children to unleash their frustration by action like little "monsters"!

Recommended for ages 6 and up.


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