Looking for a cool fridge magnet? Then look no further, because the Mighty Magnetic Critters are cute, fun and effective, and will look perfect clinging to your fridge, or any other metal surface!

The Mighty Magnetic Critters come in seven different characters - Harry the Horse, Betty the Butterfly, Simon the Spider, Gina the Grasshopper, Danny the Dragonfly, Brad the Bumblee and Alex the Ant. All of them are colourful and are craftily created, with springy legs and strong magnets in their hands/feet/paws/wings/hooves!

This is a cool way to attach things to your fridge, or just a good-looking set of magnets to have in various places around the house. Kids will love them, and adults will too!

Alex the Ant - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Alex the Ant
Brad the Bumblee - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Brad the Bumblee
Betty the Butterfly - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Betty the Butterfly
Harry the Horse - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Harry the Horse
Simon the Spider - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Simon the Spider
Gina the Grasshopper - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Gina the Grasshopper
Danny the Dragonfly - Magnetic Critter
enlarge image
Danny the Dragonfly

  Mighty Magnetic Critters Specifications

Shipping Weight 0.05kg

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