Makedo Find and Make Playhouse

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Often more exciting than the products contained inside them, old cardboard boxes are endlessly versatile for building cubby houses, buses, costumes and more! Designed especially for those rainy days at home, Makedo makes it possible for children to build their own toys and other constructions using items that might be considered rubbish or waste!

If you can get your hands on a big box from a dishwasher or fridge, you've got the perfect place to start. Using the plastic safe saw included, cut a square for a window and a rectangle for a door. Use the hinges to help your door swing open and shut! If you want to be creative, use the Makedo playhouse stickers to decorate your new home. You might even hang up some curtains!

Now its time to grab your teddies and make yourself at home, bring your friends to see your brilliant creation!

Each Makedo kit contains enough parts to get your started on basic level creations. You can re-use Makedo to make anything you want! Included in the Playhouse Kit are 35 pins, 35 clips, 6 lock-hinges and 1 plastic safe saw. Using the inspired stickers from your kit, you can create a castle or cosy cubby, it's really up to you!

There are 77 re-useable parts altogether. A guided instruction booklet and inspiration poster make your kit complete!

Checkout the video below for other ideas on what you can make. Please be aware that some of the really big creations require extended packs or additional pieces.

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All parts are made of tough plastic.
Recommended for ages 5 and up due to small parts.

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