Magno-Man The Game

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With their spiky hairstyles, wicked grins and magnetic hands and feet, these hair-ee magno men are set to take the world by storm!

Each pack contains three same-coloured magno men, a collectable carry tin which doubles as a platform to play the magno-game (see below), and if you're lucky, a fourth magno - the super-rare Black Emperor or Rainbow Warrior!

You see, magno-man game tins come blind packed. This means that we don't know what may be stored on the inside! 1 in 12 tins will contain a Black emperor, whilst only 1 in 48 tins will contain the highly sought after Rainbow Warrior - the highest scoring magno!

How to play the game:
1. Each player will need 3 magno-z of the same colour.
2. Player 1 tosses their empty Mango tin approximately 2 metres.
3. Each player then takes it in turns to throw one of their three Magno-z at the magno-z tin, trying to attach as many feet and hands to the tin as possible.
4. When all Magno-z are thrown, player 1 then picks up the tin and all players count the number of hands and feet that are stuck to it.
5. A point is scored for each hand and foot stuck to the tin.
6. In the case of a player having a Black Emperor, two points are scored for each hand or foot and four are scored for a Rainbow Warrior!

There are almost 110 different magno combinations to collect!

Note: We cannot guarantee that you will receive a rare magno man, it is simply luck of the draw.
The pack contains 3 magno-z only, you need 6 to play the game.
Recommended for ages 3+ due to small parts.


Rebecca's picture
  Magno Men

Our young son is a great fan of the magno men, he is magnet crazy and very inventive in playing with these colourful amazing little guys. They are well used to the point of baldness and have been impossible to purchase as they are unavailable in the shops. So I let my fingers do the walking on Google on Boxing Day - and to our delight came across your coolthings site and the availability of Magno Men! Thanks coolthings for making our creative boy even happier for the Christmas holidays!!

Ramon's picture
  Magno Man

Magno Man is 1 of my favevourite toys.
Because I found the Magno Man toys is Awesome.
and I like collecting Magnet toys.
You can have tons of fun with them.
I am so proud of the maker of Magno Man.
That person made awesome things in it.
and including the rare 1s.
which is awesome.

Steve A's picture
  The kids absolutely love these and they go everywhere with...

The kids absolutely love these and they go everywhere with them. Speed of delivery was also great.

Lourdes F's picture
  I was very happy with the service and the...

I was very happy with the service and the product.

Delivery was very fast.

Thank you!

Jennifer R's picture
  My children absolutely love them and have asked me to get...

My children absolutely love them and have asked me to get all of the colours.

Catherine D's picture
  What a great idea these friendly little guys are. I bought...

What a great idea these friendly little guys are. I bought them for my 10 year old daughter and she has taken them everywhere.

They have not only kept her amused, but my nineteen year old has had a lot of fun playing this game with her. They will stick to anything metal so BEWARE!

You may just find them hanging on the fridge, upside down on the toaster or clipped around the strap of a summer top like a broach.

They are small enough to go anywhere... And there are no batteries to run out! A very simple game and the kids just love these little guys.

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