These are the perfect fridge magnets for kids and adults! Magnetic Critters look great and work well on all metal surfaces and they'll certainly make your fridge look a lot livelier!

You can choose your Magnetic Critter from seven different animal characters: Henry the Hippo, Ellie the Elephant, Pedro the Pig, Max the Monkey, Darryl the Dog, Cameron the Cat and Clarice the Cow.

All of them are excitingly colourful and wonderfully designed, with magnets in their hands and feet!

Magnetic critters will look good on any metal surface in your house, and particularly on the fridge, so you can get rid of those boring fridge magnets now and replace them with the lovable Magnetic Critters!

Just simply select the individual critter you want by using the drop down selection box below.

  Magnetic Critter Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.04kg

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