Hooray, hooray, so you've finally got your drivers licence... Well done!

Well... Maybe... Perhaps, its not you that has just gotten permission from the government to cause mayhem on the roads? Maybe you simply know someone who is now getting onto the open road... Driving for the first time... And you'd like to encourage them with a really cool gift.

This First Drivers pack is chock-a-block full of goodies (nine of them) that every starting out driver will need to stay safe and be cool on the open road.

First of all you get the Iconic Fluffy Dice, the universal symbol of driver coolness, although they are too big to hang from your mirror they'll achieve the same result sitting on your back window ledge or even hanging up in your bedroom.

You also get the Survivor Handitool. This handitool has everything you need to MacGyver a solution to problems you face on the open road. If you don't know who MacGyver is ask someone in their 30s. A bottle opener, small knife, two screwdrivers and a super bright LED light. Put it on your key ring and be cool!

Next are four Jumbo Sized Glowsticks. Pop these Jumbo Glow Sticks in your glove box for instant awesomeness wherever you find yourself. Maybe at a party, birthday, star gazing or even helping out a mate after they've had an accident. These Jumbo Glow Stick are perfect for shedding light in any situation or place.

Also in the Kit is one Mesh Squishy Pus Ball. You see, now that you have your licence there's no doubt that you'll be called upon to be the taxi driver, whether it's for your brothers & sisters, cousins or friends, sometimes you'll just be waiting, waiting, waiting. Use this stress reliever tool to pass the time. Squish it, squeeze it and let the tension melt away... Colour randomly chosen (surprise...)

Of course no driver would be complete without a good old travel mug. The Eco Can which is included in the kit is more than an ordinary Travel Mug though. Made from an ecofriendly material that means you're helping to save the planet with every sip of your favourite beverage. Whether it's Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate or Soda Stream this fully portable sipper cup with non-spill lid will do the trick. You can choose from Pink or Green to suit a guy or a girl!

And lastly, you get a Tin of Mints! Well, what can we say... Mints take care of bad breath, nuff said!

Also included in the pack is a nicely laminated help sheet that describes all the items in the kit. Why the help sheet you ask? So that they'll know what everything is used for of course...

SKU PK-3120
Brand SimplyCool

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