Kidz Lab - Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation

Kidz Lab - Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation
Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation - Contents
Explore the science of magnetism!
  • Learn how to defy gravitiy
  • Construct a Maglev Transporter
  • And learn about magnetic levitation
  •
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Explore the science of magnetism!

Investigate the science of magnetism with these fun experiments and tricks that are part of the 4M range, a well established brand of educational, imaginative and creative toys for children of all ages.

Magnetic Levitation is an excellent demonstration of the relative strengths of two fundamental forces, magnetism and gravity. With this amazing kit you can make a pencil float in mid-air, construct a metal sculpture that defies gravity and build a random motion machine that swings unpredictably!

There is so much to learn with 7 experiments in one, including the engineering and construction of a Maglev transporter which explains the working principle of the fastest land vehicle on earth!

Containing everything you need to complete each project with full colour detailed instructions. What a great way to stimulate, entertain and educate young minds about the power of magnets!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Adhesive tape required but not included.
Dimensions of Kidz Lab - Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit: 22cm (l) x 24cm (w) x 6cm (d).

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