I [Heart Heart] Doctor Who T-shirt

I [Heart Heart] Doctor Who T-shirt
The Timelord has 2 hearts!
  • Do you love Dr Who?
  • Now you can love him twice as much
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The Timelord has 2 hearts!

If you've got two hearts and a lot of love, this Dr Who T-shirt is just the thing from you!

Time Lords, known as Gallifreyans, differ from humans in many ways! One physiological difference is that the Doctor has 2 hearts which normally beat at 170 beats per minute (hence the two hearts)!

Your "I [Heart Heart] Doctor Who T-shirt" is a 100% cotton t-shirt in black with white and red ink. The perfect gift for diehard Dr Who fans who know everything there is to know about the Famous Doctor and his characteristics!

The Dr Who logo featured on your t-shirt is in the shape of the Tardis just to make it even better. And, if you do have two hearts, more good news, you may just be a Time Lord!

Available in mens sizes M / L / XL.


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