Add a unique twist to your drinks this summer with the gorgeous gummy bear ice cube tray!

Shaped just like miniature versions of the iconic gummy bear, your ice tray makes 16 ice cubes at a time. So switch up your usual beverages and add a festive flair with your Gummy Bear Ice Tray!

Some fun ideas!

1. Use different coloured fruit juice or cordial to make different coloured bears for you party punch bowl!
2. Make bear chocolates or coloured bears with candy melts (not suitable for oven use)!
3. Create cocktails or mocktails with swimming gummy bears!

Tray makes 16 bear ice cubes for your drinks.
Made from food-safe, dishwasher safe silicone.

  All the cool Gummy Bear Ice Tray Specifications

Barcode # 847509001271
Shipping Weight 0.26kg

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