Learning about solar energy has never been this much fun!

Putting something in the sun and watching it move is pretty cool, but it's even cooler when it's a monster or dinosaur robot!

This Green Science Solar Robot kit has everything you need to build either a Dinosaur or Monster Robot that moves around with just the power of the sun!

The detailed instructions will teach you how to make this moving robot using solar panels and a motor. Simply assemble your robot from the included parts and teach it to do simple tasks. And best of all, it you won't need to change its batteries every few days - just put him out in the sun and you're set for a fun-filled day of movement!

Contents include:
- 1 x Solar panel with wires
- 1 x Solar panel holder plate
- 1 x Support arm
- 1 x Gear case body with motor and cams installed
- 2 x Arms (right and left)
- 2 x Leg links
- 2 x Legs (right and left)
- 2 x Feet
- 2 x Terminal Caps
- 2 x Body Template
- Support clips
- Washer screws
- Screws
- Double-sided adhesive foam
- Detailed instructions

The perfect gift for any monster or dinosaur-lover around, this one's sure to impress. And if that's not enough, it's educational too!

  Green Science - Solar Robot Specifications

Barcode # 4893156032942
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.32kg

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