You can use this educational science kit to make your very own air-powered rocket and launcher!

Made from trash and powered by green energy, you can enjoy some awesome rocket fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few old magazines!

By using your foot to stomp on your empty soft drink bottle, watch your rocket fly up to 25 metres high! So grab some plastic bottles and you're well on the way to making a cool, fully-functioning rocket.

Follow the detailed instructions to learn a thing or two about the underlying physics and construction of this cool green science project. You'll find tons of fun facts to extend your knowledge of rocketry in general!

You'll need to add a few bits and pieces to complete your rocket, but you'll find most of them in this kit. Rocket and fin templates, foam heads, launch tubes and more! Gather a few household items for easy assembly and you're set! 2 recycled bottles, a recycled magazine, screwdriver, tape and scissors.

Put everything in place and clear a space for lift-off!

Recommended for ages 8 and up - great for year 3 and 4 classrooms!

  Green Science Green Rocket Specifications

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