Green Science - Enviro Battery

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Learn the science behind the power!

This Enviro Battery Kit uses natural materials like mud, lemons, potato or water to power a light bulb, a buzzer, or even activate a music chip!

Amazing and environmentally friendly, this kit includes detailed instructions so you can create heaps of unusual batteries with fruit juices, vegetables, coins, utensils and more!

- 4 zinc plates (Silvery Grey)
- 4 copper plates (Brownish)
- 4 connection wires
- 2 plastic cups
- 1 paper cup
- 2 specially designed bottle screw caps
- 1 light tower with LED lamp
- 1 sound chip
- 1 LCD watch moment with protective cover
- 1 set of transparent adhesive tapes
- 1 introduction guide with experiment record sheet and fun facts

Some items from home are required to complete the experiments.
Recommended for ages over 8 years old.
Adult guidance recommended.


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