If you know someone who likes golf, has a door slamming problem, or simply needs to practice their putting - the Golfer's Doorstopper is the thing for you!

Just like a normal doorstop, this super cool device acts like a traditional door wedge, only it has one special enhancement - it's also a putting aid!

The thin ramp will sharpen anyone's aim, hone speed control and further feed golfing addiction. Perfect for the home, office, or any place with doors, the Golfer's Doorstopper includes a plastic golf ball that isn't as heavy as a normal one so it won't do any damage.

Dimensions: 2.5cm x 16.2cm x 7.2cm.

  Golfer's Doorstopper Specifications

Barcode # 7290001372326
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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