With its gyroscopic stabilizer wheel, the Flyro Gyro Stuntmaster throws like a ball but flies like a jet!

This unique toy is half plane, half gyroscope. When tossed, its unique shape and front wheel causes all kind of wild, weird sky stunts, and keeps it flying for an amazing length of time - over 30 metres!

The Flyro Gyro is so easy to use. Simply insert finger between the gyro and plane and throw, rolling the gyro off your finger to make it spin. The faster you spin the gyro, the straighter and farther the plane will fly!

Throw level for straight flight, sideways for curved flight or downward onto a flat surface for bounce and fly action.

It's flexible foam construction allows wings to be curved or flattened to customize trajectory. Available in green, red and purple, your colour will picked at random. The Flyro Gyro is high quality and highly accurate and is perfect for anyone who's into flying!

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Colour is chosen at random.
Dimensions: 27cm x 19cm x 6cm.
Recommended for ages 5+.

Barcode # 9320832002906
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.110kg

Flyro Gyro StuntMaster Reviews

Wasn't sure what this would

By: Jess on 17 December 2010
Wasn't sure what this would be like but it is soooo much fun. Flies heaps well and heaps far, even in the wind. Very quick delivery too. Great service

Love the product! It flies really far for such a k

By: Jonathan T on 18 July 2009
Love the product! It flies really far for such a kiddy toy. That's the thing!It's cheap, flys far and is good fun for a 16 year old and his mates!

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