This amazing Finger Print Detective Kit allows you to collect and analyse different fingerprints to learn about scientific investigation!

Use black powder to dust for fingerprints and look for genetic traits with three fantastic experiments.

As each one of use has a completely unique pattern of ridge on our fingertips, they are a very useful tool for the identification of individuals!

Experiments 1: Collecting Fingerprints

  • Rub your fingers in your hair or on your nose to make them oily
  • Put some fingerprints on the included plastic sheet by pressing your fingerprints onto it
  • Use the pom pom to lightly dust the black powder on the fingerprints and blow away the excess
  • Place clear adhesive tape over the fingerprint and peel it off. Place it on white paper to examine it clearly!

Experiment 2: Fingerprint File Card

  • Make a fingerprint file card to record your fingerprints. Press your finger into the stamp pad to cover it in ink
  • Blot your finger once on a separate piece of paper, then press your fingertip onto the fingerprint card in the correct box
  • Complete the card for all of your fingerprints, then fill in your name and age to keep on file!

Experiment 3: Analyse the Prints

  • Analyse your fingerprints and inspect them with a magnifying glass
  • Compare them to different types of fingerprints on the card provided
  • Learn about right loops, left loops, tented arches, whirls, double loops and more!

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

  Finger Print Detective Specifications

Barcode # 814743011090
Brand Thames and Kosmos
Shipping Weight 0.12kg

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