Very safe and secure!

Date Posted:19 June 2007 

Very safe and secure!  main image Very safe and secure!  image
Olga Page-Murray - ACT AUS
Hi There, Magno-Men are very fashionable at my daughter's school and we couldn't locateany in Canberra. Hence, I did a web search and came up with your website. We deal with another on-line company for other products which are hugelyreduced. That website is very professional and efficient just like yours!! I am very reticent about on-line purchasing, but I have found two sites which Iknow are safe and secure. Thank you. I regularly check your site and have just ordered a Weazel Ball. My daughter(unbeknownst to her) has gone through about 5 of them in her 8 years. His name isMr Wibbly. It has always been like a security blanket for her and after she lostthe last one about a year ago, I have not been able to find one anywhere. Ofcourse, like the Magno-Men, I was able to find one on your site. I look forward to further contact with you in the future. Regards, Olga.