Live auction light spotters!

Date Posted:19 June 2006 

Live auction light spotters!  main image Live auction light spotters!  image
Tamara - NSW AUS
Hi, Thanks so much for the follow up, I think that it's just wonderful customerservice! All went well with the light swords; we used them as spotters in a Live Auctionwe organised for a charity event. They were such a hit that the volunteer spottersdidn't return most of them!!! They were taken home for their children! A gentleman from a nearby Bank has already contacted me asking where I got theamazing glowing swords from, as he's doing a live auction soon at an event his bankis putting on. He would love to do the same for the spotters. He said I havestarted an Auction Spotters trend!! I have passed on your details to him. Thanks again for all your help, excellent service and kind staff. I am sure wewill be in contact for other novelties in other upcoming events. Warmest regards, Tamara