I inquired about a particular

Date Posted:23 December 2016 

I inquired about a particular main image I inquired about a particular image
brett salter
I inquired about a particular item, left a 'please contact if you find one' on CoolThings Australia site, sure enough a detailed e mail arrived a few days later, with photographs! (even though the shop was moving warehouses? during this time, so they must have been both busy and a little chaotic) nevertheless, they found the item I was after, I replied late at night and received a reply at 10.30 that night! (Burning the midnight oil?) In short the whole deal was sorted that night, and AMAZINGLY my package arrived among a flurry of emails and phone messages that it had. WOW! So I had Christmas presents that I thought would be far into next year before I would see them, and amazingly helpful service from Natasha. Top marks for a shop dealing with moves, Christmas, and finding rare stock! Thanks so much good people , you will be making a few people happy with their pressies!