Delivery of fluffy dice!

Date Posted:24 December 2010 

Delivery of fluffy dice! main image Delivery of fluffy dice! image
You guys rock!A last minute fun idea for under the tree of fluffy dice as a thought at 7am yesterday morning became reality today at 11.30!!I knew it was a serious gamble for Christmas and had half resigned myself to an after Christmas delivery.. however your prompt attention yesterday morning to my order with a delivery today - at Christmas - has left me very pleasantly astounded!!Not to mention the packaging and fluffy dice themselves!5 star service from ordering product to delivery!Thank you.. By the way I also like your personal touch of people mentioned as contacts as opposed to positions.I almost feel like I'm dealing with people I know...Looking forward to ordering agan from your site and will try not to leave it to the last minute again! Well done team - you are awesome!!