Indiana Jones, eat your heart out! Now you can go on your own archaeological adventure with this Discover Egyptian Antique.

This Egyptian Antique is an earthen pyramid-shaped block, which is about the size of an apple. You work away at the plaster with the digging tool and brush (both provided), to unveil a variety of different miniature Egyptian artifacts - such as models of Pharaohs, Queens and Egyptian cats!

This is a great buy for older children, teenagers, or anyone interesting in archaeology.

It's educational and very interesting, and doesn't create much fuss (or mess!), plus you get to keep the Egyptian-style models!

This Discover Egyptian Antique is very authentic and entertaining - and who knows, it could inspire you to be the next Indiana Jones!

  Egyptian Antique Specifications

Barcode # 656558050235
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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