Double Planter Basil Berry

Double Planter Basil Berry in Hand
Double Planter Basil Berry
It's a homemade kitchen garden!
  • Grow 2 herbs in 1 container
  • With seeds, soil, innerpots and instructions
  • It's the perfect green life cultivation set!
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It's a homemade kitchen garden!

A kitchen garden with herbal plants is an easy alternative to maintaining a formal herb garden out in the elements!

Whether you're short on space, have poor soil quality, or prefer to keep your herbs close at hand in the kitchen, most herbs are well-suited for growing in containers and can exist anywhere as long as they are given the proper amount of sunlight, water and good soil. You can even prolong their growing season by keeping them close by if you have no garden to grow them in!

This Double Herb Container makes for the perfect gift, complete with soil, 2 inner pots, and the instructions to grow basil and wild strawberry in one container. It's a homemade kitchen garden and a great way for kids to learn about herbs and their applications in cooking!

Also available as: Double Planter Basil Mint.

Made of plastic, made in Japan.
Dimensions: 16cm (l) x 11cm (w) x 8cm (d).


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