Train any dog into acting on command with the new DOOG training clicker!

This small plastic device makes a distinctive "click" or "whistle" sound when pressed. Whilst the clicker itself has no value or meaning of its own, it can quickly be conditioned to represent access to good treats to your dog when followed by a reward.

So how does it work? By clicking once then immediately treating your dog with a small reward, your dog will learn the association that "click" means "good job, you've earned a reward". You'll be training your dog to behave in a matter that pleases you, while your dog thinks he's training you to click!

Dogs enjoy the mental challenge of a clicker training game, and as they grow they realise that their behaviour determines their rewards. It is a more effective way to reward your dog within one second of the behaviour you wish to reinforce, rather than them tuning out to your voice.

The primary purpose of the whistle on the other hand, is to communicate a command when your dog is at a distance from you. The most important thing is consistency, so decide your signals for each command and stick to them. Attach it to your treat pouch or walkie belt with the d-ring attachment!

Instructions included. Find more DOOG Products here.

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Brand SimplyCool
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