Since the kitchen in the TARDIS is sure to have a TARDIS spatula in it, every Whovian fan will need one too, to ensure you can prepare eggs fit for a Time Lord.

Your pancakes will be flipped to the sounds of everyone yelling "Geronimo" as you prepare a timey wimey feast.

The "flippy end" is in the shape of a TARDIS, and the handle is, well a handle (with the name Doctor Who and logo on it, just in case your non-Whovian friends mix up their sci-fi).

The TARDIS spatula is made of food grade silicon with a metal handle. Approximate length is 30 cm.

To look after your TARDIS spatula, we recommend handwashing it.

  Doctor Who Tardis Spatula Specifications

Barcode # 882041013993
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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