Puzzle perfection for everyone who has a soft spot for Doctor Who!

We're certain that everyone is, or at least knows, a Doctor Who fan, and this puzzle could be the perfect gift for that person!

The Doctor Who Retro Comic Jigsaw Puzzle is a fantastic combination of bright colours, old-school designs and classic members of the Doctor Who family.

With the fourth Doctor - Tom Baker, a Dalek, the lovable K-9, and of course the Tardis, this jigsaw really has all a Doctor Who fan could ask for! It's even presented as a super cool comic strip! Why not take up the challenge?!

Finished jigsaw measures 485mm x 729mm.

  Doctor Who - Retro Comic Jigsaw Puzzle Specifications

Barcode # 9342246003485
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.71kg

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