Exterminate boredom in your office with your Dalek Line Tracker!

Simply draw a line on any flat surface and watch as your pocket-sized Dalek follows the line and whizzes around your desk!

To start, draw a long straight line with black marker on white paper. Turn on the power switch, place your Dalek on the middle of the line and it will immediately run along! You can even experiment with circles, curves and T junctions!

Line Colour: Your line must be BLACK otherwise the reflected infrared signal will not be received by the sensor and the corresponding motor won't drive your Dalek forward.

Lind width: The line width should be narrower that the distance between the 2 sensors on the base of your Dalek, however you cannot make the line too thin. The line must be 0.8-1cm wide.

Now you are ready to create different paths for your Dalek to run. But, make sure that you follow the directions above, ensuring that curves do not have too sharp a turn in them, it's best to have no less that a 9cm radius!

Please note:: The accuracy of the infrared source can be affected in a bright environment. It is therefore recommended to use this product out of direct sunlight or a brightly-lit room!

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
Dimensions: 14cm (h) x 8cm (w).

  Doctor Who Dalek Line Tracker Specifications

Barcode # 5013348003096
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

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