Developed right here in Australia, Discover Science kits are all about making science fun for kids! From forensics, to crystals, to exploding volcanoes, there's something for everyone in this special pack!

In this pack you will receive 3 different Discover Science kits that are designed to stimulate a child's interest in science by exploring how scientific principles play an important role in our every day life.

Crystal Growing Kit:

The Crystal Growing Kit enables you to grow your own crystals whilst learning fun facts and scientific terms. When your crystals have stopped growing they are permanent for your to admire. However, they are water soluble, so in order to preserve them you will need to keep them in a clean, dry place. Add some food colouring to create some beautifully coloured crystals and discover other materials around the house that can be used for growing spectacular crystals such as sugar and table salt.


- 2 sachets of monoammonium phosphate crystals
- 2 plastic cups, a wooden stirrer and a pair of gloves
- A detailed instruction booklet that includes ideas for growing other types of crystals!

Forensic Detective:

Learn how to take the finger prints of your friends and family, just like on CSI! The Forensic Detective kit will teach you how to use plaster to take and identify foot prints, and learn about paper chromatography by using blotting papers to separate out the constituent colours of felt tip markers. Take casts of animal foot prints in your garden to see if you can identify who they belong to!


- A vial of commercial bakers starch
- A magnifying glass and paint brush
- Charcoal and blotting paper strips
- Fingerprint record sheets
- Plaster of Paris (gypsum)
- A detailed instruction booklet

Volcano Making Kit:

Design and model your own unique volcano with the plaster and paints provided in this kit and erupt it with a simple chemical reaction between vinegar and sodium bicarbonate (included). Great for school projects or fun for a rainy day, the chemicals will reproduce a lava-like eruption that will spill over the sides of your plaster mould. To run the experiment over and over again you will need to purchase additional vinegar and bicarbonate of soda from your local food store.

Contents include:

- Plaster of Paris (gypsum)
- A set of 6 paints with brush
- Sachets of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda
- A plastic vial for your volcano core
- A detailed instruction booklet including information and fun facts about volcanoes!

All experiments are suitable for children 8 - 10 years and up.

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Brand CoolThings Australia

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