Make office stress a thing of the past with our Desktop Can Shoot!

If you've had enough of emails, or paperwork is getting you down, take 5 minutes and set up your Desktop Shoot. It's a surefire way to take the boredom out of any day!

It's great fun at a great price, just load your dart gun and shoot the 3 light-weight cans! Each can features the items that we think will stress you out the most at work - paperwork, computers and your boss!

Each can will split in two when hit accurately, simply stack them back together to play again!


- 1 x Red Plastic Dart Gun
- 3 x Darts
- 3 x Mini Plastic Cans

  All the cool Desktop Shoot Specifications

Barcode # 5060150688713
Shipping Weight 0.18kg

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