With this fantastic Pressure Power Kit developed by the CSIRO, you can follow in the footsteps of famous scientists such as Pascal and Issac Newton to explore the principles of kinetic energy, density, pressure and motion!

Using the materials contained in this kit, you can participate in an exciting collection of hands-on activities to discover how pressure can drive a hovercraft, control a submarine, launch a rocket, propel a boat or even lift a pile of books!

There are 18 activities contained in the instruction booklet and each one explains what you will need, what you need to do, and what is happening in each experiment. Some of the activities can be completed in a few minutes while some may take you half a day! There are also detailed descriptions about many famous scientists and the principles and laws developed by each of them!

The materials that are supplied with this kit do not contain everything you will need for all the activities, but there are enough balloons and bits of pieces included to get you started. The activities have been designed so that you will most likely have all other materials needed somewhere in your house (e.g. ice cubes, sticky tape or a coat hanger).

The following items are supplied with your kit:
- 30 Balloons
- Plasticine
- pair of Vinyl Gloves
- 5 Flexible Straws
- 5 Small Plastic Cups
- Reel of Cotton Thread
- Blank CD
- Safety Goggles

Recommended for ages 10 and up.
Safety goggles are not provided for supervising adult.
Contains some chemicals which are classified as a safety hazard - read instructions before use.

  CSIRO Pressure Power Kit Specifications

Barcode # 9320190754332
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.45kg

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