Make and launch your very own rocket that will fly up to 9 metres high!

Powered by vinegar and baking soda, this hands on rocket launching kit is great gift for the whole family!

When vinegar is mixed with baking soda inside the rocket body, a gas called "carbon dioxide" is formed. As the chemical reaction takes place, more and more carbon dioxide is produced inside of the rocket until the cavity can hold no more.

The gas accumulated will escape from the bottom of the rocket which results in a "thrust" that forces the rocket upwards!

Your cosmic rocket works using the same principle of motion science as a real rocket, both demonstrate Sir Issac Newton's Law of Motion.

Recommended for ages 8+ due to small parts.
Rocket launching should be performed by an adult or by ages 14+
Vinegar and baking soda not included.
This kit is approved and recommended by the Science Museum of London.

Barcode # 4893156032355
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.170kg

Cosmic Rocket Reviews

This is a Xmas gift so we have not used it yet. I

By: Tracey S on 26 September 2009
This is a Xmas gift so we have not used it yet. I had the best service from Cool Things and will be buying from here again. Thanks so much

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