Easy to throw and easy to catch, watch as the Chopperang makes a swooping arc and flies right back to you just like a Boomerang!

Perfect for the yard or park, the safe, soft and colourful foam makes crash landings as safe as the perfect ones!

How to use:
- Hold the Chopperang by the tip and make sure that the curved side is facing your left.
- Find a nice open space (about the size of a tennis court), and aim for a far away target at eye level.
- Hold the Chopperang upright and toss it forward in a smooth, strong motion.
- Release with a snap of the wrist!

You'll need to practice different strengths to get your desired flight pattern so that the Chopperang comes back to you.

Catch your Chopperang in flight with an open hand or let it settle down on the ground all by itself!

Too big for your yard? Check out our smaller version right here!

Recommended for ages 6+
Wingspan (approximately): 25cm
No batteries required.
Colours may vary from illustration.

  Chopperang Specifications

Barcode # 9320832003422
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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