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OMY Design & Play image OMY Design & Play supply a range of joyful products including intelligent graphic designs for the house, for all ages! These designs are made to cover your walls, to be worn, or to light up the night, and the opportunities for colour and experimentation are endless! Our favourites are the Giant Colouring Posters by OMY that will keep the kids doodling and colouring for hours. Vertical work is awesome for helping kids with strengthening their upper bodies which is important for being able to control arms, hands and fingers for writing. - Hang them on the wall, use them as tablecloths or spread them out on the floor - from famous cityscapes to whimsical characters and illustrations, they guarantee hours of fun for the whole family! - Get the family or a classroom to complete a poster, then laminate or frame for the wall. Fun joint project! - Birthday party welcome activity. Set a table with colouring pens and guests can go and colour at the start of the party while guests are still arriving. Birthday person can have it as a memento. - Drawing tablecloth. Wrap a table with brown craft paper, tape the colouring poster to the centre and add buckets of pens. Good for a childrens table at Christmas and functions.
OMY Colouring Postcards Cities (1)

OMY Colouring Postcards Cities

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