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4D Master

4D Master

4D Master’s Mission is to innovate and develop excellent quality toys that are both challenging and fun, to explore new educational toys to bless the next generation and to be the bridge between kids and parents.

Since creating their first figurine character series named ALIEN Q, which was so well received by the kids and teenagers over 5 million units of 4D Master unique products had been sold all over the place, including fast food outlets like KFC, chain stores, department stores, theme parks. 

Since 1997 4D master has been quietly spreading joy, fun & laughter all over the world.

Currently, 4D Master is putting a lot of its focus in 4D Puzzle product line, which is both highly recognized for its authenticated look, museum quality, detailed finishing, novel and attractive design, fine-tuned painting, educational while enjoyable and inspiring meaning contained in puzzle-building form or gear-motivated tools, without compromise to the top quality.

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