Brainlock is the mind-blowing game of "why won't my hand go where I want it to?"!

Grab your pencil and trace the star outline on the maze. Sounds simple right? Oh, but did I mention you'll be wearing Perplex-o-specs to shield your vision while completing the maze using only a mirror reflection as your guide?

What was left is now right, backwards is forwards, and you'll experience "Brainlock" as you awkwardly stop, start and manoeuvre your way around the maze!

On the "go" command, begin at the black dot and draw a pencil line within the walls of the maze, it doesn't matter if you traverse through the maze clockwise or counter-clockwise, but you must not let your pencil leave the paper until you're back to the start.

You may experience disorientation as you are using your reflection as your guide and certain angles and corners may even force a Brainlock and stop you in your tracks! Break through the mental barrier to win the game!

For all you ultra-competitive types, you may find ways to cheat and to view the maze directly to win the race. But please try to keep yourselves honest, it's much more fun!

The true fun of Brainlock isn't in the winning or losing. It's in the experience of having the moment of incapacitation, that moment of, "why won't my hand go where I want it to?!".

What's in the box? 60 Brainlock double-sided maze sheets (30 each of 4 maze designs), 2 pairs of perplex-o-specs, 2 pencils, 2 "mirrors", 2 "mirror" stands and instructions.

Suitable for 1-2 players.

  Brainlock Specifications

Barcode # 632468005152
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.32kg

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