The common cold is caused by hundreds of viruses, but the most common type is rhinovirus which accounts for nearly 35% of all colds.

As virus-carrying droplets can travel up to 4 metres through the air when someone sneezes, it's no wonder that we all end up with a common cold at least once a year ƒ?? but hands are the most common way of transmitting the virus.

But, we don't want to scare you. There's a way to avoid all of it!

The Anti-Microbial Liquid Soap Dispenser is the perfect way to remind yourself of washing those virus-ridden hands!

Shaped as a common cold virus ƒ?? but over a million times the size ƒ?? this bright blue, conveniently sized microbe gives you a fun reminder to stay clean and keep healthy.

With room for almost half a litre of your favourite anti-microbial liquid (not included), this soap dispenser is the perfect addition to anyone's bathroom!

After all, it's a lot more fun to be healthy.

  Anti-Microbial Liquid Soap Dispenser Specifications

Barcode # 874665000015
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.23kg

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