4 in 1 Sports Games

4 in 1 Sports Games
4 in 1 Sports Games Back4 in 1 Sports Games Basketball4 in 1 Sports Games Football4 in 1 Sports Games Golf4 in 1 Sports Games Hockey
Transforms easily into 4 desktop sports games
  • No tools required, but all parts included
  • Choose hockey, football, golf or basketball
  • It's the perfect break time combination set!
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Transforms easily into 4 desktop sports games

He shoots, he scores! Which sport will name you MVP on your morning tea break?!

Transforming effortlessly into the game of your choice, play against your colleagues to see who can score the most points!

It's a great substitute for social media at lunch time, and with 4 great games to choose from, there's a game for every kind of athlete.

There's no need for golf clubs or hockey pucks, each mini sport comes complete with a handy mechanism for launching the ball with your finger!

Your pack includes: 1 x game board that converts easily into 4 different ball games, 2 x hockey pucks, 3 x basketballs, 2 x golf balls and 3 x footballs.

All of the nets, backboards, goals and flags are included too, you'll just need a keen eye and a steady hand to play.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Dimensions of game board: 21cm (l) x 8cm (w).


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