With this pack of 100 Crap Jokes you'll have everything you need to combat that person you have in your life that likes to tell a stinker of a joke.

Contains classic jokes such as “did you hear about the constipated Accountant? He couldn't budget!" and "Why shouldn't you fart in an elevator? It's wrong on so many levels"

This set of 100 Crap Jokes by Ridley's Games is sure to perk up your parties, cheer up long journeys and entertain both the young and the old!


  • 100 Crap Jokes
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Jokes displayed on a fun poop shaped cards

Will you be laughing or cringing? We think maybe both. 


100 Crap Jokes Reviews

He loved them

By: Ginette on 29 December 2019
I purchased this for a mate of mine who loves jokes, especially 'dad jokes'. He loved them!

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